Teach for india 2020

This year, our school has partnered with Teach for India as we have done in the past. As part of our initiative as MUN Impact, we have decided to tackle SDG 4, Quality Education. Students from AISC have worked diligently to create presentations and worksheets for the local students. Club members use these presentations to teach the students the basics of Model United Nations. So far, we have held sessions on creating solutions, creating speeches, and the debate structure of a MUN conference. Students have practiced creating solutions and making speeches in all our sessions. We enjoy it when students share their thoughts. Our ultimate goal in these sessions is to support the children and support their learning by teaching them about MUN. We try to create a welcoming atmosphere as we work with 4th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. On most of our Saturday sessions, we get around 70 to 80 students. Each student brings forth new ideas and perspectives to the group. Each session is quite enlightening as we learn about the children and develop strategies for them to learn more efficiently. These children come from poorer areas in our community. Most children join Zoom through their parent's devices as we have held our session virtually this year. We are delighted to have students attend our sessions despite our worries about student turn-out at the beginning of the school year. It brings us great contentment knowing that we broadened their knowledge on issues we confront today and an insight into how the United Nations works. We are so grateful to work with these students and have the opportunity to share our knowledge on MUN with them. We hope that our efforts benefit the students and empower them to make a change in the future.