2018-2019 leadership


serin kim

Although Serin have been to multiple conferences, she always questioned whether MUN truly emulated the duties of the United Nations. MUN has always been a passion of her because the process of researching and debating allowed her to become mindful to the world. Yet, after a few years, she began to feel the need to make a change in my community by executing the solutions that were extensively debated in the four environmental committees that she participated in. However, she found no outlets for my new found passion within her school; therefore, she began to look beyond the school walls directly into the community around her. With MUN Impact, she is better able to focus on actually making a change. Using the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, MUN Impact can support others in their efforts to tackle the world's most urgent issues.


Umair Nizamudeen

Like many others, Umair started participating in the MUN program to learn in depth about world issues and imagine possible solutions for such issues. Upon moving to India last year and after being part of 8 MUN conferences, his purpose for being part of MUN started fading away as the debates merely allowed for a rudimentary level of analysis of the actual problem, thus being capable to offer the most basic solutions rather than ones that will actually solve the problem. Therefore, he decided to be part of establishing MUN Impact at AISC, as he believes that will allow for the practical application of the skills he learned through MUN.


sanjana kumar

Sanjana has always had a passion for aiding others to the best of her ability. She cares deeply about her community, and believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to lead a better life. After doing MUN for 3 years, she realized that it is not enough to simply discuss possible solutions to world issues. Thus, she was very interested in the establishment of MUN Impact at AISC, so that she would have an opportunity to change the lives of people around her. She is most passionate about providing education to students who initially do not have access to quality education, in an attempt to allow every child to stand up for themselves and be in control of their own future. She hopes that she will be able to create an everlasting change in the lives of people who are benefited from MUN Impact.


heewon hwang

Having been a part of the MUN program for 3 years, Heewon noticed the rather futile nature of its outcome. While he thoroughly values MUN for providing ample opportunities for students to develop their formal writing and public speaking skills, it seemed to him that the hard-earned resolutions containing feasible solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues were simply going to waste after each conference. Hence, he took part in helping launch our MUN Impact Chennai program at AISC, as its fundamental goal of turning resolutions into reality went in accordance with his own vision for MUN. Heewon is interested in the UN Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 4 as they target issues that are highly prevalent in his local community––poverty and lack of quality education. In serving as a member of MUN Impact, he hopes that his work will allow the Impact program and the UN itself to better pursue their endeavors in Chennai.

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sam kim

Unlike others, Sam likes to solve global issues at the problem zone rather than debating about it. Sam was previously part of the MUN committee but thought MUN impact was more realistic towards solving global issues. Sam previously lived in Prague, Czech republic, one of the most beautiful city in the world. Moving to India was culturally shocking to him as he witnessed serious poverty and environmental issues in India. Summer break 2018 was the ultimate event that made Sam wanting to join MUN impact. In Balliol college; Sam studied about lack of hygiene in developing countries and participated in the Oxford Union to address the issue. In order to apply this knowledge, Sam became a member of MUN Impact. Sam visions to facilitate his versatility and respect to the local community through the MUN impact’s third stream of action.