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lake cleanup

As a part of our initiative, we wanted to ensure that difficult access to clean water, as a result of water contamination, does not restrict the local community from being able to drink and use water. Thus, on February 1st 2019, Oasis and MUN Impact collaborated in order to initiate a Lake clean up activity near the bridge on Bajanai Koil Street.


The situation was worse than expected. The area was fully contaminated with trash from littering to sewage water. Some of the litter were embedded into the ground which made it difficult for us to remove them. One of our volunteers, Reuben, was shocked after seeing a spec of grass growing on an old slipper.


Additionally, our group installed a rubbish bin next to the lake we cleaned and two more in the nearby beach. Initially, the team was planning to paint the walls bordering the lake, however, due to confirmation issues we created a sign, in Tamil and English, in order to persuade people not to litter.


Upon completing our clean - up, we felt great of the powerful collaborative result we made. Ms. Mac in the ride back to school stated that “I feel sorry and proud of you guys. I am proud of you because of what you have done today. I am sorry because your generation will continuously face this issue. But after seeing you guys today, I have an intuition that your children might live in a better world”. MUN Impact will continuously seek to fight the environmental crisis.