Hope foundation


As a contribution towards our initiative in MUN Impact, AISC has partnered with the Hope Foundation School in an effort to promote and support SDG 4 and Quality Education. Students from AISC have put in tremendous effort in creating presentations, worksheets, and engaging activities for our sessions under the subjects of English speaking and writing. The club members use the resources as a reference to educate students from grades 6-8 about the basics of the English language, with the hope that this will support their own goals as well. Up to this day, we have held frequent sessions regarding simple grammar topics such as: nouns, adjectives, verbs, and articles. The Hope Foundation students have actively participated in all of the activities introduced by our club members and have shown an immense amount of engagement both inside and outside of our sessions regardless of the opposing pandemic that restricts their learning.  Our objective for these sessions is to be a great pillar of support for the students given that English is not their first language nor is widely spoken in their community. Our 1-hour sessions on Saturdays and Thursdays are planned in a way that will support their learning and encourage them to take risks in a welcoming and inclusive environment. It truly is a privilege to be able to work with such bright and intelligent kids from the HOPE Foundation school, and each session brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal as a team. Not only is this beneficial for the students, but the members as well since it has been a great opportunity for us to have open minds and learn more about one another. We are delighted to have this opportunity with the Hope Foundation students and look forward to increasing our interaction with the students!