From December 7-8, 2020, the AISC community participated in Fun Fitness - an event designed to engage the community to exercise and maintain their fitness. We were driven to organize this event as the COVID-19 lockdown has caused many to not be able to exercise or otherwise maintain their health. A thought we often have is, “I’ll just skip working out today, and do it tomorrow,” but tomorrow generally becomes much longer than intended - it can turn into several days or weeks. Through our project, we aimed to draw attention to our lack of physical activity and care for our physical health to motivate others to exercise. As such, we encouraged the AISC community to engage in different exercises and spend (socially distanced) time outside. We provided the community with several resources to view when selecting a workout along with resources to view to maintain a healthy diet. This included a community Padlet, where people could post resources such as articles or infographics that the community could view and photos of them engaging in the activities from the event. 


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