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Wellness Project

Nov 18-22, 2019


To celebrate World Children’s Day on November 20th and promote SDG 3 within AISC community, we have organized a Wellness Week for November 18th to 22nd. With the purpose of raising awareness and building on AISC’s current move for wellbeing, the MUN Impact group focused on three major goals: 1. Generate community’s enthusiasm around engaging with practices that nurture wellbeing and 2. Inspire actions to continue the work of nurturing wellbeing of our community.  

For the entire week, we have displayed informative billboards that breaks down AISC wellbeing poster into easy-to-understand words to remind community members of four different branches of AISC Wellbeing project: healthy habits, self management, self awareness, and positive relationships. 

For each day, the MUN Impact group planned a different day that encouraged community members to practice one of the four branches of Wellbeing: Self Awareness, Self-Management, Healthy Habits and Positive Relationships. 

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In order to promote recognition of one’s strengths and weaknesses, the MUN Impact group has  put up an interactive activity on the blackboard and asked community members to color in one box under one of the 10 AISC vision for learner strands that they believe to have strength in. At the end of the week, it showed that AISC community values, and excels at, collaboration.