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Basketball Project

Dec 15, 2019-


Empowering young disadvantaged girls in impoverished areas of India is exactly what the AISC alumni who founded school Educate to Empower, has set out to do. This is why the Chennai MUN Impact group jumped at the offer to help this school to begin a basketball sports program for their kindergarten to 5th grade. 

Our first step was to invite the school’s physical education teachers to visit our campus and coordinate with our own PE department in order to offer instruction and curriculum. With this partnership, we were able to offer the opportunity for them to observe our middle school basketball practices and elementary classes, as well as offer curriculum, lessons, and some one-one-one coaching with our high school basketball players. 

We also teamed up with our elementary student council, who offered to organize a shoe drive. Due to this partnership, we collected three large boxes (over 100 pairs) of sports shoes. We were also able to donate some extra basketballs and instruct the school on what their new basketball court should look like. 


In the future we plan to create basketball drills and skills videos, have the elementary student council Skype with the students from Educate to Empower, and personally visit the campus for further connection and instruction.