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The focus of our first project in SDG 6 in collaboration with our school’s club addressing water issues, OASIS, is water conservation. An important question we set to address is “why is it important to conserve water?” The question is crucial yet often undermined through arguments against the conservation of water that suggest that the conservation of water is futile as those who get water gets it whether we conserve it or not.

The issue with such arguments is that it lacks to address a multitude of other issues related to water overuse and benefits of water preservation including but not limited to:​​

  1. Preserving water minimizes effects of water shortages.

  2. The water overused does come back thanks to the water cycle, though in lower quantity and quality.

  3. Saving water allows us to do more with less. 

  4. Lower the consumption of water, lower your bills!


This project was inspired by Ms. Beth’s initiative to address this issue. We allocated a day to not merely promote awareness of this issue, but to ask our community for possible solutions. This time, however, it wasn’t just a one-day and in-school awareness, since Ms. Beth worked with us and OASIS on other measures such as:

  1. Making a Holiday Advent Calendar that opened on 1st of December 2018 with a different tip each day for conserving water, based on the ideas gathered from students, staffs, and parents on the day we organized to ask them about “water they doing to conserve water?” and “what can they do to conserve water?"

  2. Creating a Twitter and Instagram Challenge #aiscH2O for us to post how we have conserved or will conserve water that day. Join AISC in conserving water!