2019-2020 lEADERSHIP



Sanjana KUMAR

Sanjana has always had a passion for aiding others to the best of her ability. She cares deeply about her community, and believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to lead a better life. After doing MUN for 3 years, she realized that it is not enough to simply discuss possible solutions to world issues. Thus, she was very interested in the establishment of MUN Impact at AISC, so that she would have an opportunity to change the lives of people around her. She is most passionate about providing education to students who initially do not have access to quality education, in an attempt to allow every child to stand up for themselves and be in control of their own future. She hopes that she will be able to create an everlasting change in the lives of people who are benefited from MUN Impact.


Trevor Bridgeland

Trevor has always been interested in solving the world’s most critical problems. He has been a part of the MUN program for three years, and has travelled to 5 international conferences. However, he arrived at the realization that debates in MUN did nothing to actually help the world. It was at this point that he decided it was important for him to get involved in trying to solve these issues, within his community, so that he could be truly making the world a better place. After finding MUN Impact, Trevor has been able to work on projects that truly have meaning to him, ones that he believe will make a noticeable difference. Now, Trevor helps to lead MUN Impact in trying to pursue projects related to some of the worlds most contentious issues.

Club Leaders

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Sangwon Kim

Unlike others, Sam likes to solve global issues at the problem zone rather than debating about it. Sam was previously part of MUN but thought MUN impact was more realistic towards solving global issues. Sam previously lived in Prague, Czech Republic, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Moving to India was culturally shocking to him as he witnessed serious poverty and environmental issues in India. In Oxford, over the summer of 2018, Sam studied about lack of hygiene in developing countries and participated in the Oxford Union to address the issue. In order to apply his knowledge, Sam became a member of MUN Impact. Sam visions to facilitate his versatility and respect to the local community through the MUN Impact.


Hyoeun Kang

Although Hyoeun has been part of multiple MUN conferences, she has always eagered for more; for something that would actually allow her to have a more practical approach to solving the problems both worldwide and local. Therefore, when she came to learn of MUN Impact, her passion started to grow almost instantaneously. From then, she participated in awareness-raising campaigns on poverty and slavery and walked up to different groups of people to reduce their usage of plastic bottles in school campus. With MUN Impact, Hyoeun wishes to make a world a better place for everyone. 


Noa Daryn

Noa has always had an interest in service and creating a change in the community. After living her whole life in different countries with different stages of development, she had seen many of the world issues first-hand and knew she needed to do something about it. Whether it be hunger, poverty, disease or any other current issue, she felt the need to take action. Therefore, she joined MUN Impact. After being a part of MUN for more than 2 years, she jumped on the opportunity to transfer her skills and passion into making a change in the local community. She felt that while being a part of MUN did help her develop different skills, it didn’t impact almost anything but the school community, and it didn’t help people in need. She didn’t want to passively observe or debate these issues from afar, she wanted to do something about it- to make an impact.


Juyang Kim

Juyang Kim is a junior in the American International School of Chennai. She has participated in Model United Nations for two years and this is her third year of taking part in the MUN program. This is her first year to serve as one of the club leaderships for the MUN Impact group. Juyang is passionate about world issues and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. She is eager to discover solutions and spread awareness of the SDGs and pressing world issues. She has recently participated in the No Poverty Yes Food program which takes place on October 16th and 17th that celebrates and spreads awareness about poverty and hunger. She looks forward to working more in the MUN Impact group. 


Karun Ram

Karun has been a part of MUN since ninth grade, and has been to conferences all over the world. However, he noticed that MUN's often idealistic nature is a barrier to real change; thus, he joined MUN Impact to try and act upon the ideas he had seen through his MUN career. As a member of MUN Impact, Karun hopes to bring genuine change to his local community, through real action. He hopes to use the platform that MUN Impact provides to bridge the gap between MUN's idealism and the real world, by engaging in awareness campaigns and direct action. Karun, through his engagement in MUN Impact, hopes to target UN Sustainable Goals 4 and 16, which tackle issues that are prevalent both globally and locally - quality education, and strong, stable institutions.


Amrita Varsihini Giridhar

Amrita has thoroughly enjoyed her experience in MUN, and she was given the opportunity to expand on her participation in MUN by joining MUN Impact Chennai. She wanted to make a difference in the community both within and outside of the school and viewed MUN Impact as a method to make changes in the community. Amrita is particularly passionate about Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being, as she believes that everybody should have access to the standard human right of medical care.

Esha Desai

Esha has a strong passion to change the world for the better and to improve people’s lives. She believed this through understanding the global issues that currently plague the world, providing solutions, and debating on them. Esha slowly started enjoying the Sustainable Development Goals that provide goals to enable people with quality education, women empowerment and more. After being through 3 conferences to view global issues through different perspectives, and after debating about the solutions of each global issue, she had the desire to take action on these issues for a change. Esha has come across solutions that could aid the unfortunate people, and provide them with a brighter and better life. She believes that only actions improve people’s lives.